We started as a small regional specialty paper manufacturer primarily serving industrial markets. By 1982, the people who form our present ownership group became involved in the company and things were moving in an exciting new direction. Soon we expanded our product line to include food processing and foodservice papers. We established an enviable record of sales growth mirroring our growing reputation for quality, on-time delivery and unequaled customer service. When you look at our company history, one word comes to mind; Continuity... in ownership, employees, suppliers, attitude and growth.


We have become a leader in our niche of the flexible packaging industry with a well-recognized national brand name and an enviable 99.3% on-time and complete shipments; 11 years running. With this record, customers know they can minimize their inventories and count on us to deliver. Our commitment to quality is so strong that we regularly subject ourselves to Food Safety audits and use sophisticated statistical programs to ensure quality levels. Today we do everything in house: We wax, slit, sheet, cut, package, rewind, interfold, palletize and ship all our products... and the people who do it all are the real keys to our success.


More of the same! Top quality and creativity. Helpful and knowledgeable customer service. Short lead times. Dynamic growth. Happy employees and satisfied customers.


“By our combined efforts, we will deliver maximum customer satisfaction creating corporate profits that enable us to invest together in the lives of others.”

Core Values

  • We will conduct our business with the utmost honesty, integrity and high moral character.
  • God’s principles, will guide and direct our relationships with others.We will act in a kind, courteous, respectful and empathetic manner.
  • We will pursue perfection and achieve excellence along the way.
  • We will develop and invest in our fellow employees and their families.
  • We will be generous and charitable towards our fellow employees and their respective communities.
  • We will celebrate success!


Can provide Certifications for (available upon request)

  • FDA
  • BRC (GFSI Compliant)
  • Kosher
  • Allergen
  • Fluorocarbons
  • Proposition 65

Service Counts

  • 99.3% on-time and complete delivery
  • Inventories of raw materials and converted product ensure ready availability.
  • Quality products and excellent service even when time lines are tight.
  • State of the art technology.

Environmental Responsibility

Our goal at Central Coated Products is to be as environmentally responsible as possible by reducing our company’s environmental footprint. Some of our practices include:

  • Company-wide recycling in office and large volume in manufacturing constantly decreasing amounts sent to landfills and increasing reuse.
  • Offering 100% recycled paper products.
  • Exploring and offering product options that decrease or eliminate harmful chemical use.
  • Partnering with mills that enact forestry regrowth practices.

We are continually evaluating alternatives and new processes to lessen our impact on the environment on our road to truly sustainable packaging.